lundi 28 juillet 2008

iPhone Music Center - v0.6 available in Installer and Cydia

Our application is now hosted by the following source : thebigboss

So you will find iPhone Music Center in Installer or Cydia without adding our source.

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Brian a dit…

How do we sync on iTunes to make sure the music downloaded from Amazon is imported into our music library? It seems that iTunes won't allow you to import from the iPhone..

Additionally, the search function gets an error message that says "Cannot connect to Amazon MP3. You must be connected to the Internet."
This happens because the search function is still not working very well when you use two words in the search instead of one.. If I put an artist's full name in then the search usually gives me that error..

Brian a dit…

Are you adding an option to download an entire album?

Spantel06 a dit…

To sync, you must desactivate the automatic sync in iTunes.
You must do it manually.
We are working to have the same behaviour than the Apple application.

Concerning the Album download, Amazon uses an encrypted file AMZ. And we are trying to contact Amazon to help us on this topic.

A new version 0.7 will be available next week fixing the search issue.

Thanks for your support.

lmcfadden a dit…

When will version 7 be available?