dimanche 20 juillet 2008

Error Message desactivating 'Song Purchase'

Unfortunately, few users have this kind of error message.
We are working on this issue for the next version.

But you can fix manually this issue by 2 methods.

Try to do this :

- install Cydia or BSD subsystem


1) check if you have "ioreg" binary in /usr/bin/ directory
2) If not download it from http://iphonefreakz.com/wp-content/ioreg.zip and upload it to /usr/bin
2) Connect with putty or terminal to your iPhone and run the following commands
3) chmod 755 /usr/bin/ioreg
4) Download libncurses.5.dylib from http://iphonefreakz.com/wp-content/libncurses.zip and upload only libncurses.5.dylib to /usr/lib
5) chmod 777 /usr/lib/lib

If you have this error, thanks to send me a small message with the following information:

-Firmware version
-How you have jaibreaked your device.

Sorry for this issue and thanks for your help.

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